Is your town center or neighborhood SIT-able?

by Robin LeBlanc | Oct 25th, 2013 | Leave a comment

There is a lot of talk about making our communities walkable. After all, it would mean less traffic congestion, cleaner air, healthier bodies and minds and yes – often it would bring a serious economic boost to the area.

Chuck Wolfe, an attorney and planner in Seattle, also points out the importance of SIT-ability.   When people can sit – to rest, to visit, or just to watch the world go by – there is a shift in feeling in the area.  A whole new level of community.

Think of the places right here in New Hampshire that are really alive and feel like a special community.  To have community, you need people – people together.  Providing places to sit (benches, chairs and tables – even just lawn chairs!) can make a difference.

Try it in your own ‘hood before the snow flies and see what happens. (And send us pictures!)