Pop-Ups Popping up?

by Michelle McDonald | Oct 27th, 2015 | Leave a comment

In April and May, with UNH Cooperative Extension, AARP, the Endowment for Health and many others we explored Communities for all ages with the City of Franklin. One of the guests, Josh Bloom from the CLUE group, introduced some cool ideas for economic development that stray from the industrial, manufacturing days of generations past. Let’s explore one of those ideas.

Halloween pop-up store*
Halloween pop-up store*

The Pop-up Shop| A pop-up shop is a store that appears in a vacant storefront or retail space for a short time. You may see them for holidays, summer months or high-traffic tourist seasons. Pop-up shops can benefit the retailer, landlord and community by allowing an entrepreneur to experiment with an idea, fill an underutilized space and create a community buzz.

Pop-ups operate on a short-term lease with affordable rent which enables a retailer to test success and educate consumers about its product. Although leasing space for them may be challenging with absentee landlords, pop-ups can be an especially unique opportunities to inspire creativity and involvement in communities plagued by retail vacancy. If leasing the vacant space for retail is too much of a jump, experiment with pop-up shops for a weekend arts, crafts or music community event.

Learn more about this economic trend with these sources: Pop-up Retail, Holiday Pop-up, Benefits of Pop-ups and a little Pop-up Philanthropy.

Think pop-ups could work for your community? Talk to your council, talk to local landlords and see if you can spark some curiosity. If you do, let us know how it goes.



*Deadwicks is a seasonal Halloween experience with a Victorian theme. Derived from the Portsmouth retail store, Pickwicks Mercantile, which captures the unique feeling from 19th Century Portsmouth, one can only imagine the enchantment stewing behind Deadwick’s unrevealing door.

Fall Fun in Laconia

by Robin LeBlanc | Oct 08th, 2015 | Leave a comment

Who doesn’t love the transition between hot summer days and frosty winter nights? Well maybe not everyone, but who doesn’t love a fall festival? In New Hampshire, we are so fortunate to have beautiful mountains, lakes, coastline and fabulous fall festivals.

In August, we were fortunate to collaborate with the City of Laconia in a Community Design Charrette. With the Orton Family Foundation, the City of Laconia, Re-Imagine Laconia and passionate citizens, the Plan NH team recommended possible adaptations to the Land-Use Chapter of their master plan. Some of our suggestions included integrating traffic calming techniques to Beacon Street downtown and connecting Weirs Community Park to Weirs Beach with a walkway. Now it’s up to the City to discover how our ideas and suggestions could help their needs.

During charrette, we also discovered their excitement for hosting New Hampshire’s 25th Annual Pumpkin Festival!

On Saturday Oct 24th head to Downtown Laconia to carve pumpkins, run a 5/10k on the WOW trail or help the City attempt a world record! Check out the schedule of festivities taking place between 10:00am-8:30pm.

Laconia has so much to offer with its incredible location, historic buildings, fabulous coffee shop and delicious burritos and much more. If you find yourself with nothing to do Oct 24th, head to Laconia, grab some hot cider and march in a costume parade!walkingdwntwn

At the very least, celebrate the season somewhere in this great state with family, friends and community.


Enjoy, be safe, have fun!

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