Where we live

by Robin LeBlanc | May 22nd, 2017 | Leave a comment

Where we live – and how our home is designed, including layout and quality of materials impacts out health and well-being.

Most of us take it for granted that our homes are safe and healthy havens at the end of a day.  But for many, it is not so simple.  We may be able to afford the space, but getting to work is expensive, and our stress levels rise.   We may live in the home we have lived in for many years, but now we find stairs difficult, if not impossible.

We just heard a short story from a pediatrician:  she was treating a young girl who had asthma.  They thought it had cleared up, but suddenly it returned with a vengeance. As you probably know, asthma is not just a “breathing problem,” but is extremely serious.  This young girl was in a grim situation. What had changed?  Turns out, they had gotten a cat. Why? there were mice in the bed.  We can imagine the quality of the home they were living in.  She said, “I consider a safe, affordable and decent home a vaccine.”

Our communities as a whole are not healthy if parts of it are not, especially our homes.  What challenges are some of your community members facing regarding where they  live, and what can you, as a community, do to overcome them?