Cider doughnuts

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Cider doughnuts are becoming a sort of specialty thing here in New Hampshire.  We have had them a few times and quite frankly, were underwhelmed.  However, during our charrette in Chichester last fall, we were introduced to the cider doughnuts from the Chichester Country Store. On a scale of 1 to 10, they are a 15. OMG, as they say. Fresh and light.  Oh, so light.

Last month, we were travelling to Concord and had a little time to kill.  “Ah,” we thought.  “We can take a little detour and go get a cider doughnut.”  The Chichester Country Store is just up the road from the Epsom Circle, where Main Street meets Route 28.

The Chichester Country Store is worth a visit
The Chichester Country Store is worth a visit

Who knew there were choices? We got one dipped in sugar (not powdered!) and took it out to the car.  Took a bite. Simply.  the.  best.

We headed up Main Street, which we have to say is probably one of the prettiest, rural Main Streets we have seen in our travels.  It was early spring at the time, the sun was shining and all was turning green.  We got to the top of the hill and pulled in to the library.  Here is the view – it’s hard to see here, but you are actually looking across a field and then a valley across to those distant hills (Nottingham?) …

The view from the Chichester Library is spectacular.
The view from the Chichester Library is spectacular.

Reason #73 we live and work in New Hampshire.

The library corner here (the road takes a sharp turn just to the right of this picture)  was a focus of our charrette in October.  It’s a beautiful location on a beautiful road in Chichester.  We sat for a few minutes, looking at the view and finishing that doughnut.  Bliss on many levels.

Then we  continued on Main Street, around a couple more corners and through the town center, which had been the main focus of our charrette work, and then back to the other reality of Route 4.

Such a great little town.  With great cider doughnuts.





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