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Jeff Taylor was a smart and gifted guy who cared deeply about the Granite State and its communities and its people.  Among his many accomplishments:  he played an integral part in creating the foundation of Plan NH, and through the years contributed tremendously to the charrette program and other initiatives.  Through his work, he raised awareness of and practiced values and strategies that  create healthy and vibrant towns and neighborhoods.

We attended his funeral on April 12 in Hopkinton, an absolutely beautiful town that he had lived in for years as he raised his family and worked to make New Hampshire an even better place.  As at most funerals, we each learned something new about Jeff.  (Somehow we had missed, for example, that he played fiddle.)  We loved the dad stories and the camp stories and the others in between. We wished we had known him better.

Since then, we have found ourselves thinking of Jeff a lot.   The other day, we remembered being at a meeting in his office and he pulled out a map with circles and arrows and talked about the role  of  Concord and how much longer it was already taking to get to and from the Epsom traffic circle during peak commute times.  We remembered running into him  more than once on the street outside his office.  We were there today and wondered how many other icons were at one time or another familiar faces on North Main Street.  A lot, but each unique, as was Jeff.

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