Transportation is the means of moving things and people (and even ideas – but here let’s keep it to people, for now) from one place to another. Trucks, busses, trains, boats and of course the car come immediately to mind. But walking, biking and wheelchairing are also means of getting from point A to point B.For all of us, transportation means access – to food, school, jobs, healthcare, social connections … think about it. For people who do not drive, having another way to get to where they need to be is critical.However, as we start to steer away (no pun intended) from fossil fuels, and recognize the social, economic, environmental and health costs associated with driving everywhere, a new way of thinking is taking over how we think about and plan for getting about. Here is information and ideas that just might inspire you to think differently - for yourself and your own community.

Designing for traffic

It's more than just getting there as fast as you can

Complete Streets