How a community – or a specific neighborhood or development - is planned and designed and developed has a significant impact on not only its economic health, but the physical health of those who live or work and/or play there, the environment, the overall quality of life, and sense of place.Design encompasses how different ways of travel are addressed, the types of places to live and where they are, zoning issues, green spaces, and more – all that support economic, social and physical vitality. Did you realize that what Millennials are looking for – places to live near walkable, vibrant town centers – is what Boomers want, too? Smaller homes, with amenities nearby like a coffee shop, small grocery store (with healthy food choices!) and basic services are sought by a variety of people, for different reasons.In this section, you will find information and resources to inform and, we hope, inspire you to think about what YOU can do in your own community.

Smart Growth

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Traffic and community design

We are all getting older (Boomers booming!)